Children Profile

How we allow you to manage or adjust what your children are going to consume

We allow the parents to have control over the content their kids are reading and interacting with. As parents you’re gonna be able to select the subjects each one of your kids is going to consume, as well the different types of interaction.

  • Art

    Slowly build up richer literary developments with fewer distractions

  • Nature

    Understand nature, animals and how to be respectful of our planet

  • Social

    Emotional intelligence and first steps to complex social interactions

  • Animals

    Understand nature, animals and how to be respectful of our planet

  • Math

    From basic to complex math facts. Developing interest for numbers

  • Problem

    Work on problem solving skills, how to think analytically

  • Technology

    Share sci-fi stories and real technology development

  • Music

    Show musical content and stimulate interest in music and musical instruments

Our Interactions

We’re going to update the children dashboard on a weekly basis with insights and suggestions. In case your kids is not interested in some of the topics or maybe they repeat one over and over again. In case you have any detailed question about our suggestions or want better guidance with any specific topic, you can also book an appointment with one of our educators. They’re happy to help and guide you.