Get to know us!

A group of tech and artist enthusiasts working to build a better way to motivate, teach kids to develop an interest in reading and learning. Our little ones often find themselves spending time in front of the screen with programs that consume their desire to learn and interact. Thinking about it, we found a way to work closely with creativity and art to provide a better, more fun education for our children.

“What if we create interactive stories for kids? We could be the Netflix for a new way of reading!”

We offer parents the opportunity to learn more about their kid's interests, control the content, and make sure that whenever the kids are trying to use the phone, they will have constructive and helpful screen time. For that, we have our 3 pillars that not only the kids but the parents and the team should consider:


Children, parents and team! Not having fun is not an option! We want to make it truly different, build a strong and happy community.


Explore interactivity and content creation to navigate through different types of arts and media.


For children to learn the basics, for parents to learn curiosities and art, for the team to grow as professionals and experiment ideas.